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Founded in 2022, TD Branding and Graphic Design is seen by founder, Theron Durrant, as a medium to help business people, especially in his home country Barbados. This is something that was born out of love and passion for entrepreneurship, as well as the desire to see people not only chase their business goals but be properly equipped and give themselves the best chance to succeed. Adamant to see this passion given life he first worked on himself and his business (and is continuing to do so), and hopes to use his knowledge and experience in areas such as digital marketing, graphic design, visual identity and brand identity, having dedicated himself to countless hours of study and receiving many certifications in these areas.



Client Brief

In order to make sure everything is in order and that all parties are on the same page, a client brief is always step one.


This includes researching industries, products, countries/regions to ensure complete accuracy.


Where the magic happens. Almost all the work is done during this stage.


This is where you, the client, gets to see the work that has been done, and decide if it is what you require or if revisions are necessary.


Congratulations! Everything has been finalised and the job is done. Now you get to use those beautiful assets.

Keeping In Touch

Because the work is done, doesn’t mean we’re done! I’ll be checking in occasionally to make sure all is well.

About the founder

Hi, my name is Theron Durrant and I am passionate about building strong brands that not only resonate with their respective target audience, but brands that people feel connected to.

I have dedicated myself and worked long hours to achieve certifications in logo design, social media design, and brand design. While doing so I have mastered the use of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dimensions. My best qualities are my keen eye for detail, my strong personal conviction that if it can be better – then it should be. 

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