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blue palms resort

Case Study


I had been doing graphic design for a while and recently received certificates in brand design and visual identity. I’ve also received certificates in digital marketing, but what I didn’t have was a creative portfolio project showcasing what I could do and how well I could get it done.


The base of this project is a concept I had previously made and didn’t have use for, so naturally I found use for it. The ‘B’ with a palm tree impressed into it is a simple but effective concept. In addition to this I decided to go the extra mile and develop everything this supposed luxury resort would need: an employee uniform and keycard, print media (brochure, business cards, letterhead and other stationery), digital media ads that would be used on different social ads as well as Google ads, and lastly, a flag to be flown highly and proudly. 

My Role

  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Media

As previously stated, the purpose of this project was to showcase different skills and concepts which I am able to carry out. The part I was most pleased with was the digital media segment because we live in a digital age, therefore it is imperative that I am able to provide my clients with the tools they need in order to not only keep up, but set the standard digitally.

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