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Jade olive branch

Case Study


The client came to me in need of a new logo for a brand new business in the delivery and logistics sector. They sketched up a few concepts of their own, but needed help bringing their visions to life. This included elements such as the use of a tree as the main icon, as well as adorning the tree with jade gemstones.


After conferring with the client and doing my research following the briefing stage, I got to work. Not only is this logo unique, but it carries deep meaning. I not only strive to give my clients a logo that is beautiful and one of a kind, but a logo that means something according to its purpose.

The first thing that meets the eye is the beautiful olive tree nestled atop the company name. However, it is no ordinary olive tree and this is for a reason – its winding roots and bark symbolize the many roads that are taken to reach the final destination. This leads into the more connected branches and limbs which represent togetherness in strength and community – because the root of every successful business is people. Last, but by no means least, are the jade jewels adorning the tree to coincide with the name, as well as fulfill the client’s request. 

My Role

  • Logo Design
  • Shape Psychology
  • Colour Theory

As a studied logo designer, I always make sure I strike a balance between creating something that is beautiful and something that is theoretically and conceptionally strong. For instance, this logo can be interpreted as the bark, roots and branches being long, winding roads and the gemstones being the destination of the deliveries – and if you pay special attention – the largest gemstone being at the top of the tree can signify the company reaching its utmost goals, which can be said to be associated with the “jade” color: wealth, health, longevity and prosperity.

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