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lioness hair creations

Case Study


This client felt like it was time for a much needed rebrand. They felt that their existing logo and setup no longer accurately represented the brand, where it is today, and where it is headed in the future.


This client asked for elements of their existing brand to be improved upon rather than discarded altogether. With this in mind and following intensive research into the hair industry, the location of this company and the cultural importance of hair. The result is what you see now – and here is a slight explanation of the process:

The idea behind the Lioness Hair Creations logo was to create something bold, recognizable and classy – what LHC stands for. At the base of the concept is the lion which represents courage, nobility, royalty and strength, and it also coincides with the name of the business. This lion has no normal mane – it is a healthy, lusciuos afro which strikes home because Lioness Hair Creations is located in the Caribbean where afros are a huge feature and shows how hair is carried with pride… especially the 4c hair type.

My Role

  • Rebrand
  • Logo Design

After showing the client this concept, they were more than pleased at the result of what can be a nerve-wracking process. This allowed me to achieve the designer’s ultimate goal: an ecstatic client and a job well done.

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