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Case Study


This client was an existing business that needed to improve and create a visual identity. They had no logo, letterhead or anything of the sort. They needed me to create everything for them, and as usual, I delivered.


As this client is a fitness enthusiast, I needed to create something with a bang and projects some kind of movement, as per their request – so this is what I created: the base of the logo is a barbell weight, a staple of any and every gym. After several trials and error, in order to showcase the movement of exercise I settled on the decision to include silhouettes of people doing various exercises inside of the logo icon. A very particular and meticulous client means that everything has to be perfect. This project included three concepts and various color combinations, until we settled on black and royal blue. I also restructured their registration form and created a letterhead to be used along with it.

My Role

  • Creative Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Print Media Design

Creativity is a well that never runs dry and that is evident in this project. In most cases we just need that sudden burst and a “AHA!” moment and there it is – a job well done. During this project the client was impressed with my out-of-the-box thinking and my constant pursuit of perfection.

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